Music Programs

Music Programs

An exceptional program with a diverse range of ensembles, musical styles, creative drive and professional performance opportunities. Students are offered a pathway to become professional musicians, or simply enjoy the love of creating music with and for others as a joyful way of balancing other academic or career pursuits.

We take great pride in our inclusivity and provide a safe and dynamic space for students to explore creativity and self-expression, while always striving for musical excellence and a high standard of performance. We provide a non-competitive, positive environment where peers support each other, and high-quality personal musical achievement is encouraged.

Music Program Details and Enrolment

FSC students have the opportunity to achieve outstanding results in the field of music and many have gone on to study performance, composition, teaching and other musical fields at Victoria’s top universities. However, we firmly believe that it is the right of all children to be music-makers and that all children should have access to the world of creativity via the performing arts. Many of our students may become physiotherapists, scientists, plumbers, journalists, mechanics, et cetera, but each and every person gains invaluable life skills on their music journey with us. We strongly encourage a sense of community here. We strive daily to make everyone feel welcome and safe. Music creation helps improve self-confidence, concentration, empathy, lateral thinking and, maybe above all, proves to be a great deal of fun!

Our program facilitates meaningful and purposeful community outreach. Adults and primary students are invited to join us in our music creation, and students are encouraged to foster and maintain intergenerational connections via the arts. Though there is individual difference, music is our constant that binds us together.

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