Year 8 Program

Year 8 Program

Foster Secondary College has implemented a dedicated Year 8 Program, which will continue in 2021. The program is based on the DET’s (Department of Education & Training) implementation of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 initiative in Teaching and Learning. Our Year 8 Program promotes student contribution and encourages ownership of learning.

Year 8 is a transformative year. It’s exciting but also one of significant developmental change which may call for guidance. The Year 8 Program seeks to develop strategies for raising achievement and transforming learning to improve student engagement. Providing students with a broad range of learning experiences and a significant focus on having students develop as learners are two of our specific goals.

Foster Secondary College acknowledges the importance of Literacy and Numeracy; therefore the Year 8 Program will provide more time in those subjects (Maths & English), and implement intervention programs. Within the Year 8 Program, we believe that without literacy and numeracy skills, students are disadvantaged in most subject areas.

Year 8 Hand Book

A definitive factor in creating the Year 8 Program was a conscious desire to promote student involvement in the community. This means their College Community and also local, regional, national and global. Through the Broadening Horizons Program, students have contributed to a number of local projects, including work with Parks Victoria Rangers from Wilsons Promontory National Park.

The Year 8 Program recognises that students aspire to a variety of pathways in their future, and tries to prepare individuals with the necessary skills, including teamwork skills and leadership skills. The program seeks to assist students in acquiring a broad knowledge of themselves as learners and people.

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The whole year Habits of Mind – Thinking, Managing Impulsivity and Persistence

Term 1: Main Foci-

  • Learning to Learn
  • Elect Ambassadors and SRC reps
  • Integrating Theme – Exploration – Is there anybody out there?

Term 2: Main Foci-

  • Working Collaboratively
  • Elect Peer actively leaders
  • Integrating Theme – History – Mediaeval and Indigenous

Term 3: Main Foci-

  • Differentiation
  • Integrating Theme – Healthy Living

Term 4: Main Foci-

  • Persistence and Assessment