Is it important that young people feel connected, protected and free to pursue their path in life, including their education in a formal learning environment, such as Foster Secondary College (FSC).

School is but one part of their life, however a significant part of their week.

Wellbeing Staff

In 2021 the key Wellbeing team staff available to FSC students to assist with health and wellbeing needs will be Carli Gibson(Wellbeing Coordinator) , who will work Monday to Friday and Anna Stefani (Secondary School Nurse/ Well being assistant), who will be working Monday to Wednesday each week.

Students can schedule time with Anna or Carli to explore their health needs. Other relevant school personnel and Student Support Services  will be included if necessary, to guide the best resolution for the individual. Or external referral may be necessary.

At FSC, the team will encourage and promote the involvement of family and carers so that all the aspects of health can be supported in the young person’s life.

The Wellbeing staff work closely with school coordinators (Careers practitioner and FSC Leadership) to promote best outcomes for students in relation to attendance, subject selection and engagement and future pathways.

Student Support Services 

Foster Youth Assist Clinic

The Wellbeing Team and FSC support and coordinate students to attend the Foster Youth Assist Clinic (YAC) each Monday. This is an external service to the school, which is provided via the South Gippsland Hospital.

YAC is located in the Foster War Memorial Arts Centre and is staffed by an Adolescent Health Nurse, General Physician (Doctor), and a visiting Headspace Outreach Youth Worker.

Students can access YAC by securing an appointment time by recess on Mondays (with the School Nurse) that enables them to be time efficient in seeking support for health care needs. The service is entirely confidential, professional and youth centred.

FSC asks that any student under 16 seeks parental permission to leave the school grounds as FSC maintains a duty of care to its school community.

Foster Youth Assist Clinic (YAC)

Wellbeing Promotion @FSC

Throughout the school year we run numerous initiatives (both within classes and key speaker presentations) which are designed to enhance health, extend wellbeing and promote connection and sense of place.

The Respectful Relationships Program initiative is alive at FSC and we continue to everyday promote a culture of respect and gender equality.

Celebrating culture and running Koori initiatives is another key focus. In 2021 we hope to develop the Indigenous garden.

Cyber safety, first aid, life skills safety and awareness are all areas we endeavor to connect the students with.

We welcome partnerships with local community organisations to support wellbeing at FSC.

We will be developing and promoting healthy and active lunchtime activities, aligning with state and regional guidelines and creating a culture of connection within Foster Secondary College.

School and community are protective factors in a young persons life.

We collectively look forward to another year working and supporting young people to have the best health and wellbeing outcomes possible.

Respectful Relationships Program

Helpful Health and Wellbeing Links:

Youth: (please go to South Coast Youth Clinics)

Parents / Guardian

Please go to Raising Children, Teens